Balloon Decor Pricing – What You Need to Know

What Every Client Needs to Know When Budgeting for Balloon Decor

Clients are uncomfortable asking about balloon decor pricing. Especially when comparing our pricing to the balloons that you can pick up at your local party store or DIY. Hopefully, we will answer all of your questions. If we have left anything out, let us know & we will do our best to provide more details.

The Fine Print That Really Isn’t

What follows is a description of our balloon decor pricing, terms of business, and the cost of services over and above the cost of the items you order. Obviously, you need to contact us for a quote on specific decor for your event. We will work with you and do our best to accommodate your specific needs. In certain cases, fees could be waived depending on the scope of your needs. Finally, know that we’ll be happy to work with a reasonable budget.

Where do we start with balloon decor pricing?

We offer free, initial telephone consultations with our clients so we can determine your needs and provide accurate balloon decor pricing. We encourage you to check out our photo gallery, search the internet or Pinterest Boards, and see if there is anything there that appeals to you. When provided with an image we can quickly respond to modifications pertaining to your particular need. In all fairness, it is most helpful if you can also provide us with a predetermined budget. We can spend hours working on a proposal to find out afterward that you only intended to spend less than 25% of what we suggested.

What area do we offer our services?

We will go wherever we are needed! Whether you’re in Knox County, Crossville, Cookville, Jefferson City, Maryville, Oakridge, Chattanooga, or even out of state, we’ll be happy to provide you with awesome balloon decor! It’s important for you to tell us where your event will take place so the distance can be considered and we can adjust our travel fees accordingly to provide accurate balloon decor pricing.

Does Volunteer Balloons have service fees?

Yes, we do. However please note that depending on what you order, some of these fees can be waived. Listed below are additional fees that need to be considered in your budget that is part of balloon decor pricing.
Set-up + $100 (minimum)
(labor fee charged to transport decor & materials & to position decor at final display location)
Strike fee + $75 (minimum)
(labor fee charged to return & dismantle decor and dispose of. Not charged if handled by the client).
Rush fee on all orders with less than 7 business days + $50
(Shipping costs will incur expedited service fees for last-minute orders)
Decor delivery using service van + $50 (minimum)
Long-distance mileage fee, time & travel – $1.25/mile per vehicle

Extraordinary fees

Some events require that we complete the decor or remove it very early or very late. Consider our early, earlier & later fees as “overtime”.
Early set up required between 6:00 & 8:00 am, + $75
Earlier set up required between 4:00 & 6:00 am, + $125
Late strike required after 9:00 pm + $75

-Sales tax. Upon receipt of proof of sales tax-exempt status, sales tax will be deducted.

On-site consultation when requested by client – $100
(Service fee due & payable immediately. Credited on the invoice if we are hired.)

Decor at certain venues may require the use of equipment rented from the venue or outside services. Such fees are extra & billed accordingly.

Does Volunteer Balloons have a minimum order on decor?

-Minimum decor, any type $300.00 + delivery & set-up.
-Balloon bouquets – $100 & up includes delivery within 10 minutes of U.T. Medical Center  For larger deliveries needing service van + $50

Does Volunteer Balloons offer “decor to go”?

Some pieces are designed to be picked up by our clients with their own vehicles. Items such as small columns, custom sculptures, balloon centerpieces, balloon dresses, etc., can be made “to go”.  Some items will be available for same-day order and pick up while for others we will need more notice.  Minimum $50 order. Please call for more info.

Does Volunteer Balloons accept credit cards?

Yes, however on orders of $300 or more, a 5% administration fee will be added to your invoice total.

What are Volunteer Balloons’ payment terms?

A 50% deposit required upon agreement for services. Balance is due one week before delivery/set-up. Services for your event are guaranteed once your deposit is received. Until that happens, that date/time on our calendar remains open.

Does Volunteer Balloon offer draping and lighting?

We specialize in amazing and spectacular decor using only balloons.  We stick with what we know best. Balloons! There are so many different shapes, colors, textures, and possible designs! We know we are qualified to enhance your venue through the exclusive use of balloons. However, we do offer lights within the balloon decor. These are specialty items and not included in standard balloon decor pricing.

Does Volunteer Balloon Decor offer a discount on volume? For instance, if I ordered 6 columns instead of 2, will the cost per each be less?

Balloon decor does not come from a production line. This being said it doesn’t take less time or use less product when we make more for the same client. We’re confident that you will find our prices to be the best on the market whether you order a single item or several of the same.

How much time do you need to design & build a decor order?

The more time you can provide us, the better we can serve you. Although we carry a very large inventory of balloon sizes, shapes, and colors, chances are we won’t have exactly what works for you. We will never turn down any job and will always go out of our way to make sure you get exactly what you want for your special event. However, the more time we have, the better it is for both of us!

Can we save money by providing our own balloons?

Regretfully we cannot build decor using balloons supplied by clients. Balloons have a limited shelf life; are susceptible to surrounding temperature and finally, we must consider quality. We are confident in the quality and performance of the balloons from our stock. They will perform as expected and guaranteed by the manufacturer! Our name and reputation depend on our products.

Christine Maentz, CBA 

(865) 567-4086