Balloon decorating - balloon archBalloon Decorating adds Color to any Event

My husband’s Knights of Columbus council had their yearly family picnic this past Saturday at the Concord Yacht Club. It was an opportunity for me to practice balloon decorating builds using different color combinations and to be creative on a small budget.

I wasn’t given any kind of guidelines or specific theme besides determining that a festive, summer atmosphere would probably be the most appropriate. To some artists, this could be the ideal gig allowing you to let your creative juices flow! As for me, I prefer some kind of direction, however minimal. I also had no idea of the actual set up of the area. I’d see it for the first time when I arrived with my inventory (and decorating ideas). This would be a balloon decorating challenge!

Balloon decorating - balloon palm treeI arrived early Saturday morning and I inflated everything on site… for a couple of reasons. First, I wasn’t sure how to grade the size of the balloons for the trunk of the palm tree. I had to figure that out as the balloons climbed the trunk. Secondly, since I can’t fit too many inflated balloons in my little car and I didn’t want to drive my  husband’s big old truck, I had to inflate everything on location.

I was very satisfied with the results. Besides the fun palm tree, I also built a beautiful polka dot arch that greeted guests as they arrived. I had matching table centerpieces that created a cute and festive atmosphere in the reception area, where the food was served. On each side of the D.J., I put up a column in the same colors as the palm tree. In my original plan, those columns were to be close to the palm tree but once on location, I saw that that wasn’t going to work. I knew it was important to always see where your balloons will be set up but in this case we couldn’t make it happen. Thankfully my client wasn’t at all particular about the final look!

Most importantly, my client was thrilled and the guests were impressed. The balloon decorating definitely added a festive touch and a certain, “Je ne sais quoi”!

Balloon decorating - balloon columnBalloon Twisting for the Kids Enhances Balloon Decorating

I also spent a bit of time twisting balloons for the kids but I’m sure if you asked them what they enjoyed the most it would be when I handed them push-pins and asked them to help me pop all the balloons at the end of the event. The adults couldn’t help themselves – almost everyone was popping balloons!

Striking (that’s what we call taking everything apart), is probably the most difficult part of doing this. You can’t help but think of all the time putting everything together and then “Bang” or should I say, “Pop, pop”,  within minutes, it’s all gone!

If you think you could use something like this at your upcoming event, please give me a call and I’d be happy to price it out for you. Remember, no balloon decorating job is too big or too small for Volunteer Balloon Decor!

Balloon decorating - table centerpiece  Balloon decorating - balloon monkey in balloon tree  Balloon decorating adds flair to an event

Balloon decorating - balloon table decorations    Balloon decorating - balloon table decorations