Colorful Balloon Party Bundles

Bring smiles and joy to your next event with colorful balloon party bundles!

Colorful balloon party bundles are a neat way to take the hassle out of sprucing up your next event. Consequently, party bundles are the simplest way to decorate!  Whether your celebration is at home, ballroom, convention center, trade show, park, etc., let our team of professional balloon artists add a magical touch to your event.

By and large, party bundles are perfect for simple centerpieces or free standing bouquets.  To begin with, each 11″ Helium filled latex balloon is treated to float several days. Next, we attach the balloon to a 6′ strand of color coordinated ribbon, then inflate & bag, ready for pick up or delivery! For an extra fee, we can provide them in bouquet format with a decorative balloon weight.  Finally, at the end of your event, invite your guests to take home a fun memorabilia by donating your balloon party bundles!

Easy & economical way to bring a rainbow of colors to any event!

Think of the fun, photo opportunities you’ll provide with these colorful attention getters! Take the stress out of creating a memorable moment and call us now! We have many different colors in stock. Simply tell us what bundle you’d like, what colors, when the balloons are needed and we’ll take care of making it happen. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Intro Balloon Party Bundle 50 balloons $99.00 + sales tax

Although the smallest of the Party Bundles it will still pack a punch at almost any event. Definitely suitable for a few rooms in the house or as a little extra to make your event festive.

Standard Balloon Party Bundle 100 balloons – $199 + sales tax

Ideal for space that is a little larger. Watch your guests walk in and smile as they take in the spread of colors!

Super Balloon Party Bundle 150 balloons – $299.00 + sales tax

Recommended for a large space or maybe just to create that “over the top” feeling for any event.

Quantity less than 50 balloons – $2.25 each + sales tax


Prepared as bouquets (balloons not included) 

Small decorative weighted base for 3 to 9 balloons – $5.00 + sales tax

Medium decorative weighted base for 9 to 15 – $10.00 + sales tax



Balloon Party Bundles

Colorful Rainbow of Balloons


Consider yourself a “DIY” person? In that case, rent a helium cylinder directly from Volunteer Balloon Decor!

Christine Maentz, CBA 

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