A Balloon Professional and Color Selection

Hiring a Balloon Professional to Assist in the Selection of your Color Scheme

A balloon professional can assist you in selecting the color scheme for your balloon decor. One of the most important aspects of any project is the color scheme.  In balloon decor design as in any type of decor, all colors can work together. Although not all combinations are on-trend at any given time. Each combination will create a different feeling and the balance of colors is just as important as the shades you choose.

Color Choice Rule of Thumb

When decorating with more than one color, balloon professionals follow the 60-30-10 rule for the best results. 60 percent as the primary color, 30 percent as the secondary, and 10 percent as the accent. Why this works is anybody’s guess. Perhaps it is the human tendency to see an overall theme in the 60 percent hue, unifying the coloration. The 30 percent provides visual interest and the 10 percent, not unlike jewelry, provides that little speck of sparkle!

Colors and Emotions, A Balloon Professional Understands What Works

Generally speaking, we associate colors with what they represent. In our minds, red may represent fire, blue the air and sea, and yellow, the sun, Brown, and green often represent trees. These are generally considered to be emotional responses to color as opposed to intellectual responses. Use these emotional associations to their greatest effect. Start by deciding on what emotional impact you want the decor to have. Would you like the atmosphere to be lively? Choose reds and yellows.  Are you looking to create a quieter setting? Choose darker values of colors that relate to restfulness such as greens, blues, and browns.


Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, BlueColor Wheel 2

Secondary Color: Combination of Primary Colors

Intermediate Colors: Combination of one Primary Color and one Secondary Color.

Tints: created by adding White to any Primary or Intermediate Color

Tones: created by adding Grey to any Primary or Intermediate Color

Shades: created by adding Black to any Primary or Intermediate Color

Royal Blue, Navy Blue, or Deep Blue?

Obviously, the balloons that I use are available in a multitude of colors. However, what you may call Royal Blue may be simply Dark Blue. Or, is there a difference between Pink and Rose?  What about White and Ivory?

Consequently, the market offers several quality brands of balloons. However, we use almost exclusively the Qualatex brand, manufactured by Pioneer. Refer to the links below and take a look at the color options that are available to you in the hope that they are as close as possible to the colors you’re planning on using.

Links to color charts

Standard/Regular latex – Qualatex Balloons

In order for a sculpture to maintain integrity, it’s important that all of the colors you choose are of the same type. The type being Standard, Jewel, Fashion, Radiant, Pastel & Neon. Surprisingly, you can mix almost any type with The Super Agate colors. It’s also very important to inflate the balloons to the proper size. For example, an 11″ Jewel Tone under-inflated will not be as translucent as it should.

Volunteer Balloons Can Help

If you find this a little intimidating, have no fear! As a balloon professional, I can easily determine for you which colors would work best to create the emotions and atmosphere you’re looking to create. You have my personal guarantee that the final results will exceed your expectations!