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balloon twisting party


Balloon Twisting Party, Hilarious Entertainment!

Available in the Knoxville area, our unique balloon twisting party! Here’s what to usually expect with one of these hilariously captivating, hands-on workshops:

  • 60 minutes of unique entertainment never before seen in this area. As shown above, kids, young and old will learn easy techniques and will immediately be able to make their own creations!
  • Ideal for groups of 25 or more. When I say more, I mean more – how about a school auditorium with 100 kids? No problem!
  • I will take full control for 60 minutes. Obviously, with all the balloons I bring, I’ll definitely have all the attention!
  • Balloons will arrive pre-inflated  – 15 per person! That can add up real quick!
  • Participants will learn to make 3 different designs and workshop will finish with balloon hat chaos and surprise ending! Just look at the pictures above – any more words needed?
  • Furthermore, can’t forget the music! The last 30 minutes participants will make crazy hats to the beat of current, fun music!
  • Creations which will last several days, maybe weeks depending on room temperature!
  • Impressive photo opportunities guaranteed!
  • A great activity that will have everyone kids and adults, laughing and having a great time!
  • Toddlers will squeal with joy watching everyone make crazy, colorful balloon creations!
Balloon Twisting Party Suitable for all Ages at Any Time of the Year!

All things consider, not only is this balloon twisting party loads of fun but learning to twist balloons will empower children with the knowledge of “I can do this”!  Who knows, your child may develop a love for balloons and can pursue this fun hobby/career and earn extra cash during the summer! 

A balloon twisting party is suitable for a private birthday party, a school assembly production, a summer camp activity, leadership recognition, daycare program, etc.!  I can even cater this workshop to a group of adults – an event everyone will remember and talk about!

I can easily cater this balloon twisting party / workshop to a group of adults – an event everyone will enjoy! This could be your next, most talked about and remembered session at your corporate leadership meeting!


60 + minutes of balloon fun & madness!

10 to 15 participants: $325*

16 to 20 participants: $375*

21 to 30 participants: $425*

31 to 40 participants: $475*

Please call for pricing for groups of 41 or more!

* includes travel to within 20 minutes of University of Tennessee Medical Center
Please call for travel charge for distances exceeding the above.

Christine Maentz, CBA 

(865) 567-4086