Designs for All Occasions

Sample designs for all occasions is the perfect visual aid. Since ideas are as different as the people that think of them, images be helpful.  Assuming you’re planning a special event, surely you have plenty of things on your mind! With everything you have going on, it’s quite possible you’re not even sure what you want! Lets see if I can help you sort things out.

You might be surprised at how inexpensive beautiful balloon decor can be! Click any image to see full size:

Do you have a theme? Casino, musical, whimsical, classic, etc.  How about colors? What do you want to bring attention to?  Head table, dance floor, dessert table, entrance…  Finally and most importantly is your budget. Professional balloon artists as myself have a minimum order. Be sure you’re aware of potential costs.  Knowing this ahead of time will be an asset to planning according to your budget.

Another important factor is your venue. You may want to have a beautiful arch in the lobby but discover the ceiling is too low to accommodate your ideas. Balloons are a spectacular way to decorate any venue but they can take up more space than you realize!

There are so many different designs to choose from! Thankfully, the Pioneer Balloon Company which manufactures the Qualatex brand of balloons provides members such as myself access to an unlimited amount of sample images to help my clients with their design ideas.

If you still don’t see what you have in mind, you might want to hop over to Pinterest and use search terms specific to your theme.  Another very effective tool is Google Images. Use search terms, for example, balloon columns, balloon wedding arch, etc.  Found what you like? Simply send me a copy or link to that image and I will be happy to provide you with pricing, with no obligation on your part!

Christine Maentz, CBA 

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