Addition of employee in a growing boutique balloon decor business

How busy do you need to be to justify hiring help for a growing balloon decor boutique business? Maybe the question should be how successful does a company need to be to justify hiring help? Would having a part time employee increase profit or expenses? These are questions that I have had to ask myself recently after having to turn down business.

In this industry, almost all major events are held Friday to Sunday. When you have to deliver and set up an 800+ balloon decor between 7:00am & 10:00am on Saturday morning, it’s almost impossible for a one woman operation to commit to a 600+ balloon decor set up for that same afternoon. Especially considering that balloons shouldn’t be inflated more than 12 hours ahead of time in order to look fresh and maintain their size and brightness.

Blessed to find the perfect employee
growing boutique balloon decor businessFor Volunteer Balloon Decor to be able accept more projects and to generate more revenue. I needed to find the right person for this part time job. Using a platform like Craigslist was obviously the first place to start. Late last week I received an inquiry from someone who offered exactly what I was searching for! We talked a bit on the phone and I knew from our conversation that this person fit all of my requirements.

With the addition of an new employees talents and expertise, as well as the skills my husband contributes to our communications and social media presence, I’m confident that Volunteer Balloon Decor is now equipped with the perfect team to continue to provide all of my clients and potential clients the services they need and expect from a boutique business like ours.

Growth is important!

I’m serious about this growing boutique balloon decor business. By focusing exclusively on balloon decor and hiring additional help, we are on track to establish a reputation as Knoxville’s friendliest and most reliable provider of professional balloon decor. Our growing boutique balloon decor business is poised for explosive growth.

growing boutique balloon decor business