Looking Back on 2018 with joy!

Looking back on 2018 with joy! I’m so grateful for all of the work that came my way. Lots of jobs from existing customers and lots more from referrals! My website was also a factor in generating new clients. Many requests was for decor that I had never made but my training has allowed me to either look at a colleague’s design and rebuild with my personal touches or start from scratch with paper & pencil.  Each request for something new was an exciting challenge that I met head’s on. I completed and always met or exceeded my client’s expectations.

I have a few clients for which I provide balloons and decor on a regular, sometimes monthly basis. They usually just give me a budget leaving me to put together whatever they have on their mind. I was also hired multiple times from out-of-state marketing companies for their Knoxville clients – generating more & more work!

With a little help from my friends!

Many of these jobs were comprised of several pieces and almost all are required within a short time frame. I couldn’t accomplish this without the help of several friends that I hire for specific jobs.  I’m most grateful to a wonderful lady, who although a competitor, has always been there to help me brainstorm. On a few occasions, she dropped everything and made the trek from Chattanooga to be hands-on.  If you’re looking for balloon decor in the Chattanooga area, call Cindy with Balloon A’Fair at (423) 622-2233  Cindy has become a good friend and a mentor of sorts – she’s been in the balloon industry since the mid-80’s!

My most recent “accomplishment” has to have been hired to decorate The Standard in Knoxville for a wedding. As I write this, the event has not yet occurred but I’m totally ready and will post photos when the job is done. I’ve always shied away from wedding decor as I’m not particularly creative for this type of design but this young lady was a joy to work with and I’m very happy she called me.

Long term goals

Looking back on 2018 I see that I have been blessed more than I deserve! I am thankful for all the work that came my way and look forward to new challenges! My wish for 2019 is to find the perfect business partner to help me expand Volunteer Balloons. Ultimately my long-term goal is to offer a successful business with a strong track record to an enterpreneur that wants a fun & profitable business so that I can put more time and energy in Little Peeps Fun Place – a business that I started this past June.

foothills mall halloween mardi gras arch


This being said, if you’re curious about balloon decor and would consider hands on training with an exciting team, contact me and we’ll grab a cup of coffee and discuss the possibilities!

Happy New Year to all!