Organic Style Decor

In the last few years, this trendy style of balloon decor has become more and more popular! The term “organic” describes balloon decor that uses a combination of various sizes, textures, and or types of balloons – all mixed tightly together to form a very attractive and unique piece. This type of arch/column is especially recommended for outdoor use if your decor is needed for more than one day. If weather conditions should happen to pop one or a few balloons, no one will notice! Pleasing to the eye and easily adaptable to any space, when used in a garland form, it is replacing the ever-popular common spiral arch. Although the final product may look haphazard in its composition, it is a piece that requires quite a bit of planning to put together in a way that is attractive.

Prices for Various Styles & Sizes of Organic Style Balloon Decor

Below are images of organic-style balloon decor that I have provided for my clients in the last few years. Let me know which style you are interested in and I can provide you with a price. Look closely at the photos. If you don’t see large or extra-large balloons, they can be added at an extra cost. I will need a photo of the location where the decor will be set up.  There may be additional rigging fees that vary from $50 to $100. The minimum order for any custom work is $300 + delivery.

Explaining organic style & standard style

The image on the right is a standard-style arch that is 35 linear feet, end to end.  That’s approximately 260 balloons all equally inflated to about 9.5 inches. It would take me about 45 minutes to inflate the balloons and less than 45 minutes to put everything together, ready for your event. Badabing, badaboom – done!

To build 20 linear feet organic style arch I will need to inflate about 300 balloons in a variety of sizes. This will take me about 2 hours to inflate, put together, and then another hour to mount where it needs to be.  It could take longer to rig depending on the set-up site/accommodations.

Let a professional handle your balloon decor!

Of course, it’s not just about inflating balloons and putting them together. There is a method and a technique that needs to be used to achieve the final look.  Don’t be fooled by the DIY kits you can buy from Amazon or Etsy for $40. Very seldom will the results of your work look like the picture on the box. It’s not as easy as it looks!  As a professional, I can get this accomplished perfectly.  You have enough on your plate with the planning & organizing of your special event so let me take care of this for you. My services are worth every penny! In order for me to give your project 100% of my attention for all of the little details, I usually only book one event per day. Call now and get that date/time reserved just for you!


Delivery Fees $99 & up (applicable to decor only) depending on the distance from UT Medical Center.