Who is The Perfect Client?

You might think the perfect client is the one that has the biggest spending budget. Having loads of money to spend on balloons might seem the most obvious but it isn’t.  For me, what I appreciate the most is dealing with someone that is communicative, responsive and has somewhat an idea of what they want.

Initial Contact by a Potential Client

Most of my requests come via email. The best inquiries are the ones that state what the event is, the date and a budget range. If your message is sent during the day, I can guarantee you will receive a reply within minutes.  I may just write a quick response indicating that I have received your email and will respond with details in “x” amount of time. It’s important for me that you know that your message has been received and as soon as I can I will reply with the details you’ve requested. 

Stage Two of Inquiry Process

Some requests are simple – What is the cost of an exterior arch? Can you deliver a bouquet today? Do you offer entertainment with balloons? Other requests ask for sample images. Those require a bit more research either through my photo files or sometimes via Pinterest or Google Images. Some decor is easy to price – others require some calculations. Basically, I start working for you from the minute you contact me, regardless if you hire me or buy my products.  I acknowledge every single inquiry, request, phone call, that comes my way. The “potential” client is immediately treated like a valued client.

Stage Three – Delivering the Information

I take pride in all of my work. Wether it be the content of my email message or the consistency of the size of each balloon in my arches. My response to inquiries are fast, well written and detailed. Where does the perfect client fit in all of this? 

Client Follow Up – The Perfect Client

Perfect client

Let me know that you have received the information you have requested. That’s it! That simple! I don’t expect you to respond as fast as I have but please, respond!

Sure, the best response would be, “Let’s do it!” but I’d be happy with, “Let me think about it” or “Can you do it for less money”… anything! Isn’t it just common courtesy? After all, you came to me with your inquiry and I literally dropped everything to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

There you have it! You can be the perfect client and you don’t have to spend any money! Just be responsive and show your appreciation for someone that considered your request important. Not just with Volunteer Balloons but with anyone you’re considering doing business with!